"The Guyanese Wanderer" Published by Sarabande Books

The Guyanese Wanderer
by Jan Carew

ISBN: 978-1-932511-50-5 (paper)
Price: $15.95 (paper)
Publication date: 07/2007

Sarabande Books is publishing "The Guyanese Wnderer" as the Inaugural edition of the Linda Bruckheimer Series in KY Literature.

From the Publisher:

In The Guyanese Wanderer, Jan Carew sets a fabulist eye and elegant hand to both old world and new. Combining Caribbean folklore, ghost story, adventure tale, and the literature of European exile, these narratives contain a spirited dialect and colloquial voice that startles and delights. The journey begins in Carew's homeland, among the gaudy parrots, jaguars, and six o'clock bees of Guyana, and then shifts to the boulevards of London and Paris. Carew's characters—hunters and seers, buffoons and book-people—defy convention, especially the strong-willed women.


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