The Gentle Revolutionary Passes: Jan Rynveld Carew (24 September 1920 – 6 December 2012)

Jan passed away at home with family in Louisville, Kentucky on December 6, 2012 at the age of 92. 

Our condolences to his family, and our thanks to him for his many gifts to all in this life.

Here are links to some of the memorials and tributes:

Renowned Guyanese novelist, Jan Carew, dead at 92
“The ministry therefore offers condolences to the Carew family and all his international colleagues in the literary and academic world.  “The Guyanese Wanderer” (2007) must be continuing his life’s work at a higher level.” 
- Guyanese Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport 

Jan R. Carew Obituary
"In the course of one revolving moon/ he was soldier, servant, statesman, and Maroon" (Pace, Dryden). 
CAREW, JAN R., of Agricola village, Guyana, passed away on December 6, 2012 leaving wife, Joy Gleason Carew, daughters, Lisa St. Aubin de Teran, Shantoba Eliza Carew; and son, David Christopher Carew; grandchildren Iseult Teran, Alexander Macbeth, and Benicio Carew; and great-grandson, Felix Radford. He also leaves his sister, Sheila Thorpe; nephews, E. Nigel Harris, Michael Harris; and nieces, Alexis Selman and Denise Harris. 
Full Obituary:  Louisville Courier-Journal

Guyanese literary icon Jan Carew dies
"He had a unique perspective on what it is to have a mission in life because every decade he seemed to have a new career but the goal is always the same to have done something in life."  - Shantoba Carew
Full Article: Demarawaves

Renown Guyanese author Jan Carew dies
JAN Carew, the internationally known Guyanese author of novels like Black Midas and Ghosts in Our Blood, passed away at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, USA on Thursday. He was 92. 
Full Obituary:  Guyana Chronicle Online

Remembering Jan Carew (September 1920 to December 2012)
Jan Carew. Retired Professor, novelist, poet, writer of essays, researcher of human diversity, race, history and other human issues was born in little Agricola, a post-emancipation village on the East Bank of Demerara, Guyana in a British colony.  His passing has already attracted poems, minutes of silence and other tributes. Early, one came from Marc Matthews. There will be a flood of them.
Full Article: Eusi Kwayana, Stabroek News

Jan Carew obituary
Caribbean novelist, playwright and scholar committed to the cultural unity of the black world.
Full Obituary: The Guardian

Jan Carew, 92, first chair of African-American studies at NU
Jan Carew, the first person to chair the department of African-American studies at Northwestern University, was an esteemed writer in his homeland of Guyana, tackling issues of colonialism, class divisions and racism. He also knew Malcolm X, and performed in an acting company with a man considered one of the greatest thespians of all time: Sir Laurence Olivier.
Full Obituary: Chicago Sun-Times

Jan Carew, Activist, Author, Scholar, Teacher, Passes at 92
At the close of his remarkable essay “Columbus and the Origins of Racism in the Americas,” Jan Carew wrote, “In this hemisphere we cannot just claim that by mingling our blood with that of the destroyer of the Indian, the enslaver of the African and the exploiter of peoples of a rainbow array of races, colors, creeds, we do not have to acknowledge the roots of our existence in the human world.

“For us, the sons and daughters of the New World diaspora, our ancestors are those who struggled most valiantly, paid the highest price in blood and suffering and who generation after generation pick up the fallen standards, from those who fought for freedom before them,” he added.

This was Carew at his most elegant and uncompromising stance, an unflinching freedom fighter who asked no quarters and gave none. 
Full Obituary: The Network Journal  

African American studies scholar described as the “quintessential
Renaissance Man”
Professor of African American Studies from 1973 to 1987, Carew was
described as the “quintessential Renaissance Man – an author, historian,
internationalist, public intellectual, social justice activist and
pioneer in experimenting with sustainable lifestyles for people of color.”

Netizens “Bow Farewell” to Guyanese Writer Jan Carew
Full Article/Montage: Global Voices

Race & Class
We are sad to announce the death of Jan Carew on 5 December, (a member of the R&C editorial committee and frequent contributor to the journal). The issue of R&C in his honour is available at the link below,

Travel in peace, Baba Jan, on your journey to the village of the ancestors …

As many followers of Caribbean writing will already know, the region has lost one of its grand old men, the novelist, poet, dramatist, painter, intellectual and political activist, Jan Carew, who died on the 5th of December at the age of 92....
Full Article: PeePal Tree Press

Carew was a man with an encylopaedic knowledge who knew how to enjoy life
On introducing me to his friends after our first meeting Jan Carew never spoke as though we had first met only that afternoon. Listening to him you would surely believe that we had been lifelong friends. It remained that way even when he introduced me to his wife, Joy.
Full Story: Stabroek News

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